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Many of us have had a perm at least once in our lives, but it is less popular in light of the time it takes -- some four to five hours to complete, harming the hair more than with other treatments.And it cost me just 96,000 won (SGD 107).My friend did Magic Straight for just 120,000 won (SGD 134).

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Best of all, your coif will look as if it came straight out of.

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Also, unlike Japanese hair straightening which has permanent results, Brazilian hair straightening only lasts from eight weeks to about four months.All of these hair treatments are designed to leave your hair silky smooth, straight to super straight depending on which treatment.If you are sure of what to expect from the process before you go into it, you will probably be like most of the women who have had this procedure and really love the results.

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The solution or gel that actively breaks down the protein bonds in your hair which will help it to become perfectly straight.Cure One-Step Magic Straight Treatment is an all-in-one hair straightening product to get you salon results at your own home in a fraction of the time.

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Nara Hair Salon offer competitive prices for services, including haircuts, hair perm, hair straightening, hair extensions, hair colouring, and highlighting.

I think partly because it was kinda greasy and partly because they needed to apply the product of wet hair.

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Call your local salon or your consultant and ask for an approximate price.


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Unlike Japanese hair straightening which results to stick-straight locks, Brazilian hair straightening primarily prevents frizz while allowing the hair to wave, curl or become stick-straight.Our unique haircut and hair color have set the hair fashion trend in Korea and America.Kim Sun Young Hair and Beauty Salon ( KSYLA ) has been the leader in hair fashion with the best hair stylists since we opened our first salon in Los Angeles in 1990.The difference in a straight perm and a curly perm is the use of or absence of perm rods or other wrapping tools to reshape the hair into a curl pattern.

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Japanese hair straightening was initially started from Japan with thermal reconditioning system and the name becomes Magic Straight in Korea.

My utmost goal is to provide positive, beautiful, and uplifting experience for you on every visit.Korean Magic straight(Japanese straightening perm) for Kinky-Coily 4c hair in Gwangju Korea. - Duration: 6:53.

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